The third track on Aphex Twin's Windowlicker CD single, Nannou is one the most beautiful melodies Richard D. James has ever created. He has taken the characteristic thin, jingling tones of a child's music box and fed it into a computer to generate a sound which makes the listener think of two homonculi playing tiny silver xylophones.

The track slows down and stops halfway through, the jingles fading into silence, and the sound is heard of someone winding the box up, after which it all begins again. The whole effect is that of being a child, listening to the tune that you always wished your music box would play, instead of Jingle Bells or White Christmas or Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.

Aphex Twin has always been distinguished from his peers in the field of experimental electronic music by his emotional depth and ability to put together a melody that survives the hard edges of some of his tracks, and Nannou is a perfect example of Richard in wistful mood.

Definitely a 'girl' track, by his definition.

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