Listening to Sean Paul's "temperature". It's raining outside. Am sitting in the labor casualty waiting for screaming pregnant ladies to make a dramatic entrance. This is the perfect weather for dramatic entrances. I long for some nicotine.... so my finger tips tingle and my head goes light. Pingu's fiddling with my tits. She's trying to locate my nipple through my coat. Almost white coat. She's looking sleepy and doesn't seem to be having a better time pass. I can hear people wailing inside. That last one was that of a 19 yr old unmarried girl's. Pingu says the girl's got fungal infection in her medial thighs and oral candidiasis. Her HIV and HBsAg status is not known. Scary. Poor girl. Am not delivering her baby. No gloves. The last batch was just getting boiled when i came out to escape the stench.

Dinner was fun. Had gone out with Dr.P. When we were about to leave Dr.E came up to me and asked if I had anything he could eat. I had something he could eat all he wanted but I obviously didn't tell him that. Ensuing conversation went thus.
ME: no. we (Me n Pingu) r going out for dinner.
Dr.E: with whom?
ME: with our friend.
Dr.E: ok.Get me something to eat.
ME: hehe... actually he's taking us out and it wouldn't look nice if....
Dr.E: it's alright Dr.A; just get me some thing vegetarian.
ME: I'll buy you dinner. I'll go get my purse...
Dr.E: get me vegetarian.

Conversation ended. How cheap!! When we came back I saw E coming back from OT and I said "your food is in there." He asked me if it was vegetarian and then if I wanted to share it with him. thanks but no thanks.
Contented post prandial post fag state.... at peace with the world; with this climate for keeping moms to be, safe inside their comfortable houses with beds and mosquito repellants.

Sham called up just now. I would've spoken for a minute. He hardly spoke. Wonder why he called. I shouldn't have picked up his call. It was just a courtesy call. A courtesy a person extends to another he's spent a night with. Actually few nights with. Coming to think of it, I've never seen him in day light. Weirdo!

Some jerk's been texting me. I called him up and gave the phone to my co resident. The jerk hasn't texted since.
Dr.Pingu helped a lady who had fallen from a bus today. She had helped the lady and had her admitted in ortho. So the Good Samaritan and her good friend, I, went to see the lady and the duty ortho was Dr.M. Remember Dr.M?? The guy who used to talk to my tits? LOLZ! He hasn't changed a bit. He still talks to my tits. Dunno if he can ever recognize my face! He sure can recognize my tits from miles away.

Its still drizzling outside. My favorite brand right now is Kings! Just love those lonnng sticks of nicotine. Another day and no calls from my personal black mailer. I hope he died from a car crash or drug overdose. Another day and another reason to be happy. To hope and smile.

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