A variation of polytheism wherein a person acknowledges the existence of multiple deities, but believes that a given deity's power can only be used to influence the lives of its worshippers.

So lets say, for instance, that two neighbors, Jack and Jill, are monolatrists who worship different deities. Jack is a SubGenius, so he worships J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. Jill is a Zoroastrianist, so she worships the benevolent Ahura Mazda.
Now, lets say a sudden flood strikes the town Jack and Jill live in. Jack prays for salvation, and Bob's grinning, pipe-smoking visage appears in the sky to pull Jack from his rapidly submerging house. Jack, now safe, asks Bob if he'd mind terribly pulling Jill out as well. Bob, unfortunately, is powerless to save Jill. She must wait for Ahura Mazda to take a moment off from battling Angra Mainyu to come rescue her.

It's that simple.

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