Rugers modified verion of their already popular Ranch Rifle, a mini-14. The mini thirty is chambered for a 7.62x39mm Russian service round. This is the same round used in the mass produced SKS, making ammo cheap and easy to come by. Unlike the SKS, the Mini Thirty has a shorter barrel (18.5") and is intended to be used with a telescopic sight.
The Ruger Mini Thirty rifle is classified by the US government as a Battle rifle, _NOT_ an assault weapon. While I dont know how they can define a diffrence, they do, and so it makes this gun fairly easy to find at a good price.

Barrel Length: 18.5"
Overall Length: 37.25"
Weight: 7lbs. 3oz.
magazine capacities: 5, 35, 50 (common);100 round drum (rare)
Rifling: 6 grooves, right hand twist, one turn in 10"
Finish: Polished and Blued overall.

Stats taken from The Shooters Bible

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