1994 album by The Beautiful South. This is probably my favorite venture by the group, mainly due to the maturity and structure behind the songs. The musicianship on this album is impeccable, and marks a new era for The Beauties, with a new female lead, Jacqueline Abbott. There's even a guest apperance by former Housemartin Norman Cook, better known to the world as Fatboy Slim. Also, this is a breakup record, a rainy day record, and driving at night record, a vodka-and-tonic-and-we're-a-little-short-on-tonic record despite the fact that it doesn't necessarily throw itself off the shelf with self pity.

The more common cover depicts a quartet of German Shepards in a boat amidst a rolling sea. This cover replaced the previous, a group of Jack Russels sitting in a theatre watching a phonograph onstage, because the record company felt the band was mocking their mascot (which might or might not be true).

Rating: 4.5 out of 5. As previously stated, this is my favorite Beautiful South album, but it should also be noted that I've run into people who adore the group but despise this record. At times it falls into traps of self-indulgence, like "Hooligans Don't Fall In Love" and "Mini-Correct", but these are amusing traps, and go great on mix tapes. If you can find the original cover, too: instant collector's item.

track list:

  1. Hold On To What?
  2. Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud)
  3. Especially For You
  4. Everybody's Talkin'
  5. Prettiest Eyes
  6. Worthless Lie
  7. Hooligans Don't Fall In Love
  8. Hidden Jukebox
  9. Hold Me Close (Underground)
  10. Tattoo
  11. Mini-Correct
  12. Poppy
Highest UK chart position: 6

All songs written by Paul Heaton and David Rotheray except "Everybody's Talkin'".


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