a relatively young discipline being thought about at various arts and design schools, agencies or other institutions.
media design basically is (as the name suggests) about designing media, usually so-called new media.

as both medium and design have varying notions attached to themselves, there are also multiple definitions of media design:
  1. giving form to content of some medium; includes layout, screen design, web design, video and audio production.
  2. integrated ("holistic") engineering of some information service; this includes a fair amount of interface design with lots of thoughts spent on efficiency, usability and accessibility as well as on the structure of the underlying content.
  3. the development of new media; the invention of new forms of transmitting information and new forms of interactivity. As the computer integrates more and more traditional forms of broadcast or general communication, truly unprecedented ways of getting the content from the sender to the receiver could evolve. see also: multimedia.

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