A producer of electronic music from Germany. Best known as Biochip C and The Speed Freak.
Has released over 250 records under nearly 50 different pseudonyms and numerous styles from acid to industrial. Even received two gold records, both for remixes of mainstream artists' releases.

After getting bored to the small range of sounds he could make with his parents' piano at the age of 18, Mr.Damm bought a sampler and started creating techno music. His first records came out in 1990. His early releases on labels like Suck Me Plasma were the kind of acid which was quite prominent around 1991/1992 in Germany.

Using the Biochip C alias, Martin developed his own unique style of hard acid with interesting samples, large amount of "hooks" and innovative ideas. He was involved with the legendary Structure and Monotone labels in Cologne. The latter was sadly destroyed way too soon by financial problems. After this he parted ways with "The Brotherhood of Structure".

On Monotone, Damm released his first EP as The Speed Freak. It was meant to be an attack towards the gabber techno from Rotterdam, which he hated passionately. But the record was liked among the hardcore techno fans because it sounded extremely fresh (as well as hard), and Mr.Damm himself got into the music style which made the project very prolific for a long time period.
The Red Poison EP was incredibly fast at that time, around 220BPM. According to the artist himself, it was meant to be an experiment.
The style of The Speed Freak project could be described as a faster and less acidic version of the Biochip C style, with a huge amount of (often hysterically funny) samples from imaginative sources.

The Search & Destroy project (on Monotone) began as a similar attack, this time directed at the ridiculously cheesy Happy Hardcore from The Netherlands. But again his tracks became quite popular, and most people completely missed the point of this parody.

Mr. Damm has also made ambient under pseudonyms like R.I.C. and Braindub, industrial as Steel and house as Subsonic 808, proving that he truly is a versatile artist. He has also been behind labels such as Shockwave Recordings, Anodyne and Napalm, plus he operates his own cover art company Kamikaze Induztriez.
Damm is a big fan of Japan, anime and horror films, and all of them have influenced both his music and graphic design.

During the last few years Martin hasn't released much, although he has done several DJ and live act tours around Japan and the United States. At the moment it looks like he is doing a "comeback", even resurrecting some of his old hardcore labels.
The home page of Street Trash Alliance, which consists of all of Mr. Damm's labels, has a rather informative web page at http://www.street-trash.de

Update (November 21, 2000)
Mr.Damm has just released a 12" on the Lux Nigra label, which was spawned from the Biophilia mailing list. An another release is in press at the time of writing.

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