An Indonesian dish, variously something sort of like a pie or a thick crepe folded over a filling. I've not tried the first version, but the second (sweet martabak) is great for breakfast or dessert, depending on how bad your sweet tooth is.

And for this, it'd better be pretty bad.

Sweet martabak/martabak manis

The crepe itself is pretty much a pancake: flour, sugar, egg, lukewarm water, and a bit of yeast. The batter should flow easily, but there's really a lot of room for variation -- I've seen it made (and well) with batter almost as runny as water and with incredibly thick, gloppy stuff. Measurements can be (very) imprecise. It shouldn't be too sweet, that gets taken care of in the filling.

The crepe will rise and expand slightly as it's cooked, so be careful not to pour too much batter in if you're using a pan. The usual standard for pancakes applies -- the first side is done when all the bubbles have popped, then just guess on the second. The first one will probably look awful. This is a law of nature. The second will be good.

So your second (or, if you're better/luckier than I, first) crepe is done -- what now? Lay it flat on a cutting board, drizzle sweetened condensed milk over it, and sprinkle sugar on that. A layer of chocolate chips comes next, and finally... shredded cheddar cheese. I'm serious. Put as much of both as you can stand on it. Then just fold the crepe over (you didn't stack too much, did you?) like an omelet. Give it a few seconds to melt the chocolate and cheese, then cut it into squares. Squares. Triangular-sliced martabak, according to an Indonesian friend of mine, is an abomination which should not be tolerated, so don't do it.

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