A mall springs up in suburbia and it sends out invisible waves, possibly in subspace. Beautiful creatures converge on the building in pairs and en masse. Possibly they are attracted by the promise of shiny objects, or they can smell a Bath & Body Works from miles away. Nevertheless, they always come.

Their presence is not unwanted, for they enhance the atmosphere in any mall as well as any beautiful window display. The aesthetic factor increases by 300%, and pheromones stop up the climate control system, striking fear into the hearts of interior decorators who spend weeks designing something only to have thier objet d'art ignored for the sight of the mall babies].

Due to matters of legality and morality, these beings are looky no touchy...unless you happen to still be in high school, that is. Talking to them is usually not recommended, either, since the majority have an intelligence inversely proportional to their beauty. This is, of course a generalization and subject to exception.

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