Also known as a truck stop whore.

Interesting story:
Some friends of mine were on a road trip. They went to a truck stop somewhere in western Pennsylvania and saw a sticker saying "No Lot Lizards!" with one of those red "no" circles around a lizard. Pretty funny. They all thought lot lizard was just trucker jargon for those weak and "girlie men" who have to pull over to sleep at night. So they would yell "LOT LIZARD!" out the window every time they passed a trucker pulled over, thinking they were too funny for anybody's good. Then one of the peeps in the car said "Do any of you actually *know* what a lot lizard is?" (she apparently knew the whole time and just thought the others were weird). So she told us, and now the term has become even more amusing because they were calling these huge burly truckers who could snap them like little twigs "truck stop whores" without even knowing it.

On the way back we all stopped at the same truck stop and a couple of us bought the sticker (the cashier gave us looks).

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