While thinking about different languages a light bulb flashed over my head and thought: why not make a write up about it.

I've observed how American teens and some adults would go: so I was LIKE, thought about LIKE, how cool it was LIKE, and so on….

This is a form of stuttering, some people cant control it and others think it's a cool way to talk. We've all gotten used to it and became a culturally accepted phenomenon.

It is no different in the arab world, coming from an Arabic background. Your typical arab would stutter: ma adri aysh between every sentence every now and then. Ma adri aysh literally translates as: I don't know what. This is observed in the Arabian gulf region of the arab world. In Egypt, your typical Egyptian would stutter: mosh arif ayh. And it basically means the same thing.

If your own language has its own form of stutter, then please share it in this node. I'm curious as to how many languages has its own stutter.

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