In this modern day and age, we seem to have the attention span of the average fruit fly. Nothing no longer comes and goes - everything just goes. And since the selection before each of us keeps changing, our favorites change just as fast to keep up.

But there are some things that survive this process. They have been with you all your life, no? You have to think a bit to give them as an answer, I guess. Come on, be honest. If I asked you right now for your list of favorite foods, or even What is your favorite movie?, could you honestly say that you'd list anything more than a year old?

There are things that stay with you for quite a while. Movies, books, music, or even jokes that changed what you are. I'm not talking about the movie you saw last week, I'm talking about the movie you saw when you where 10 years old, just starting to understand the world around you; a story that touched you someplace you didn't know was in you: your heart.

Take a minute. Think back. Can you remember what were your favorite toys as a child? Can you remember how you liked and cared for them? What happened to those toys?

Who are you now? Who were you then? Do the two of you still like the same things? Do you two have anything in common?

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