a nodeshell commando action

I looked outside
Put my hand on the glass And I wondered...

What would it all be like?
Next year, ten years from now,
Tomorrow, even.

I leaned my head against the pane,
Looked up at the stars,
Shivered under their cold, bright gaze.

No one ever bothered to tell me,
This is what it'd feel like.
I'm numb, cold, dead.

I never asked, It's my fault
Was there a warning I could've gotten?
My head bowed in reflection.

That's me. How foolish
In the rain again.
Nature gave off better signs.

Said the wrong thing,
Did the wrong thing,
It doesn't matter so long as nobody noticed. Or so long as you were there

So here I am again,
And what does it mean to me?
Vocalized at one point, unspoken here.

Say your piece. It doesn't hurt
If I fail to have been prepared,
It's my fault again.

After all,
It always seems to be that way.
Unless I slept through it all.

But no,
That would be too pleasant. Too easy
Give me the retribution you see fit.

I've ceased to care.

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