I so love this word! I first heard the word Lappet in Ahmedabad when I learnt to fly kites. Whenever you cut the other guy’s kite, you would shout "Lappet!" with exhilaration in the same way you would shout hurray when India wins a cricket match against Pakistan! Such was the energy & passion with which the word was used that I began to love it and start using it too. At that time I was a rookie in Hindi conversational skills; in course of time I came to know that lappet was a hindi word which was used quite frequently in day to day conversations.

Inspired by this fabulous word, I made other words which I used and spread among my friends. After completing my 10th standard, I was feeling very lonely as most of my close friends had joined other schools. In order to keep myself occupied, I thought to myself, ‘Why not spread the word among my new classmates too?’ And so it began again. I would resort to writing lappet whenever and wherever I could. I remember very well last year when I made a Lappet screensaver in my computer lab and put it up in many of the PCs! The teachers and lab assistants went wild and I was really shouted at. However it was worth it, I felt I had achieved something, telling the world about Lappet!

Only this year did I make another startling discovery about the word. All along I had been under the impression that it was solely a hindi word; but surprise! One day I typed lappet in the Google search engine and whoa! A few thousand results turned up. I was amazed, it turned out that lappet was an English word, and a majority of the results that turned up dealt with lappet-faced vultures! I was overjoyed! Here was a word that I considered belonged solely to my world but the whole world seemed to know about it. I checked out the meaning of lappet in dictionary.com and it turned out that the word lappet had three different meanings in English. Around that time our house was given the responsibility of conducting the school assembly. I got a great idea: I decided to make lappet my word for the day! I told the whole school what lappet really meant and gave them funny facts (there is actually a company called Lappet Manufacturing Co. in the United Kingdom) and also read out excerpts from novels such as the Gulliver’s Travels. I attained great happiness by doing this.

People may think I am just a mad cap who’s having a teen obsession which will die out soon. Well frankly, I don’t care, I just wanna tell the world about Lappet. Its up to them to accept the word. However, when I sit back and think, I realise how much happiness this word has brought into my life. Anytime I feel really happy, I shout it just to let out my feelings. People may not understand my feelings, its okay, maybe I’m just another teenager gone crazy, eh? Anyways, hope you learnt something from this.

Spread the word! LAPPET!


Note: This node pertains to kite fighting- which is basically cutting another guy's kite with your own. The ability of one's kite to cut another's predominantly depends on the strength of the thread. To increase its strength, the thread is coated with shards of glass and other such sharp minute particles


Lap"pet (?), n. [Dim. of lap a fold.]

A small decorative fold or flap, esp, of lace or muslin, in a garment or headdress.


Lappet moth Zool., one of several species of bombycid moths, which have stout, hairy caterpillars, flat beneath. Two common American species (Gastropacha Americana, and Tolype velleda) feed upon the apple tree.


© Webster 1913.

Lap"pet, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Lappeted; p. pr. & vb. n. Lappeting.]

To decorate with, or as with, a lappet.




© Webster 1913.

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