Say what you will about Norwegian cuisine, one thing these people do well is pastry. Krumkake (pronounced "KROOM kah kah", not "crumb cake") is a delicate almond-flavored cone shaped cookie.

You will need a krumkake pan, which you can find at any good Scandinavian specialty store. They look like flat waffle irons and come in both stove top and electric models. The krumkake pan has decorative tracings on both sides which make patterns on the krumkake. You will also need a wooden cone form, which should come with your krumkake pan.

This batter recipe is from my grandmother, who learned it from her Norwegian housekeeper.


Beat 3 eggs (4 if small)
Add gradually:
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, melted
1/2 cup flour, sifted
1 tbsp almond flavor

Heat the pan over medium to low heat.
Rub the pan with unsalted butter.
Pour on a scant 1 tbsp of batter and close the pan.
The first krumkake will be a "throw away", so don't get discouraged. It just soaks up extra butter and seasons the pan.
Sear the krumkake and turn the pan so it cooks on both sides until golden but not brown. You'll just have to get the hang of the timing. It all depends on the heat of the pan, the thickness of your batter, the phase of the moon, etc.
Roll the hot krumkake on the wooden cone and let cool. I find it easiest to do by laying the cone right on top of the krumkake in the open pan, then coaxing the krumkake onto the cone with a table knife.

Store krumkake in a sealed container. They will absorb atmospheric moisture like nobody's business. Although they will look like little ice cream cones, they are really too delicate for that purpose.

Enjoy a genuine Scandinavian treat!

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