A finger rhyme for young children. Recorded in the American Midwest in the 1950s.

Hold your hands together, all fingers interlaced and pointing up.
Here's Mommy's knives and forks

Fold fingers down, creating a somewhat rectangular fist.
Here's Daddy's table!

Raise index fingers, touch the tips together, and bend knuckles to make an arch.
Here's sister's looking glass,

Raise pinky fingers, touch tips. Straighten pinkies and index fingers to make a triangle on either side of the hands. Rock the figure on an imaginary axis running along the points of the triangles.
And here's baby's cradle!

This rhyme was completely unknown to Google, so I had to add it to the public record. I can see why it's gone out of popularity - both looking glasses and that sort of cradle might be unfamiliar to a modern toddler, not to mention the stereotypical family - but it was part of my childhood, darn it all! It shall not be lost!

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