“We cannot know what time will do to us ... It advances stealthily ... never drawing attention to its surreptitious labours - Every morning, it turns up with its soothing, invariable face and tells us exactly the opposite of what is actually happening: that everything is fine and nothing has changed, that everything is just as it was yesterday " 

Javier Marías ,  Los enamoramientos




It is not denial

the refusal to believe what others know to be true 


It is not a delusion

embracing an idea that is terrible and false   


It is a much calmer illness

more common too


We pretend time affects everyone

but ourselves 


We wake up and say 

it is another morning; another boring day


The world changes around us hourly

as those around us come and go


Butterflies circle around us

countless orbits in constant motion


so odd to assume that we can stand in the middle









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