From Star Trek:

Sophisticated information storage and processing devices used by Starfleet after 2329 replacing duotronics. Isolinear chips were in general use in 2349. They are composed of linear memory crystal material.

For large computer systems isolinear chips are usually placed in wall-mounted racks. Allowing simultaneously computer access to hundreds of them.

Isolinear chips are simulair to isolinear rods used by the Cardassians.

Isolinear chips, as used in Star Trek, look suspiciously like semi-transparent coloured Sony MemorySticks. It may well be that Gene Roddenberry didn't realise quite how short a time it would be before we had memory with the form factor of Isolinear chips.
It is unfortunate that other Star Trek Technologies have not taken off in the same way (eg: Warp Drives)

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