is a project located at, believe it or not, Its aim is to produce a picture of god. Those running the site (no credit is taken on the site itself, and I was able to find no information elsewhere, /msg me if you have any info) have set up a random image generator that puts up a different 160 by 120, 8 bit image file and has people rate it as either "yes" or "no". So far, it seems to be meeting with limited success, as the top rated image looks (to me, a dedicated agnostic) like, well... not god. An interesting endeavor though, and I certainly hope they find what they're looking for. I have no doubt that the operator(s) of the site face almost as much hatemail as the operator of the deathclock. Such is the price of openmindedness.

As they put it so well on the site:

Enjoy, and remember that the will of God is that of peace.

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