Most people go through college life surviving on instant noodles, either the kind you put in a pot and boil for three minutes or the kind that comes in a little cup.

However, let me share a little something that is just as convenient, but more tasty and more nutritious (I think) as well. It is instant curry, and can be purchased in almost any Asian supermarket. This isn’t the Indian curry that most of you are familiar with, but Japanese-style curry. Japanese curry is generally more mild than its Indian counterpart and is a darker color.

The instant curry comes in little foil pouches. You drop the bag in boiling water for around 4 minutes, and then you have a pouch of hot curry. The curry can then be poured over a bed of hot rice, as is traditionally done, or you can do it Western style and pour it over a plate of pasta. Depending on what kind of instant curry you get, it may come with little cubes of potatoes and carrots.

Instant curry is a bit more expensive than instant noodles (depending on what brand you buy, it goes from a dollar per pouch of curry to three dollars per pouch) and requires a bit more effort, but I usually justify the price through the superior taste and superior nutritional value.

I’m not quite sure if the vegetables inside the instant curry are actually healthier than the freeze-dried vegetables that come with most instant noodles, but I like to think that they are.

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