Informational topology is concept I've been thinking about on and off of some time now, and perhaps has a particular relavance to E2. < br>
Consider, any piece of information can be related to any other, for some pieces the link might be only one step away, to link other pieces you may have to take several steps. Also each link could be strong or weak; this is more subjective, but valid I feel. For example, gravity and mass are one strong link away from each other, gravity and dieting may be two links away, and less strongly linked also. < br>
Making diagrams of links is simply making a graph ( see graph theory), if you 'colour' the links according to 'strength'; you may begin to get a contour map emerging. As real world informational spaces are multi-dimensional, and transformable a combination of graph theory and topology would be required to model this theoretical landscape. < br>
You might play with this to model the Kevin Bacon Game. Place Kevin on the peak of a mountain, now some people may have been in the same film as him; they will be close to him on the map, and at nearly the same height. (The link is strong..). You may have a Bacon number of 4, but your links are likely to be less strong, you will be down in a valley, unable to see the mountain top. < br>
Everything 2 already has the links, we only need to gauge the strength of them; perhaps by recording the number of times each link was followed would allow this to be done. The point making such a map simplifies the hugely complex and might allow us to see, visually, how E2 is growing, which parts are flourishing, dying, or just plain need more work.

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