A financial statement that represents the details of the company's profit-related activities over a period of time. The statement lists the revenues and totals them, followed by a listing of the expenses also totalled which is then subtracted from the total revenue to display the net income.

Fundamentally, this statement is prepared by the accountants of the firm so that those in managerial positions can sit on their asses and easily pinpoint how much profit is being made. Upon becoming displeased with the amount of profit the company makes, managers will become power driven yuppies on a laying-off or cutbacking spree. Fortunately, these children wearing business suits are likely to be removed from their positions and the head accountant can easilly usurp the bastard boss' position hanceforth becoming a bastard boss himself. I'm thinking vicious circle, especially since accountants have the power to place the financial stick up their boss' ass in the first place.

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