forget how to walk and so actually walk, in its truest sense. in a day and around tiny insect lives and the leaves that just fall sometimes, as do you. wonder if it was forced or if they just lose control, too. to drown out birds and your own foot steps, you slide two worlds together. bringing your inside self to the universe, beyond walls and further than a window.

i have lived in both but never the two combined and so i am always enthralled in moments that incorporate two very different sections of the universe.

a day is presented to me in layers, and i observe it as such. choosing to slip past the first layer only leaves you viewing everything in a completely different light and so every step every turn every slight movement will alter an entire world.

sitting so still as to not disturb this view is often essential as it is so tiring so awfully tiring to try and keep this place together and just the thought of stairs and how you can be so far from the ground so fast.. how if it were all to vanish one might just fall to the ground.

i want to have your soundtrack spilling in to my ears, always.

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