It's all the damn rules and hierarchies, insider information, and OMG, the fucking links!

I'm guessing it's a new generational thing, a by-product of technology, but
everything2 comes across as an almost fringe church that doesn't have its own land and building,

you know the kind; they put out temporary signs on Saturday and rent auditoriums from high schools.

In order to worship there, or even sing, all the secret codes and conditions must be met and approved
by people who were probably asked to leave other synagogues and parishes.

When I had Gerry as a professor (Shakespeare and Creative Writing I and II, at a community college in New Jersey,) he was about the age I am now.

"Don't come to class so impotent and terrified!", he once ranted,
spitting Jewish fire-and-brimstone, as he walked through the aisles of desks,

more like a destructive force of nature than a teacher

more frightening than the large, dark-clothed nuns I had in second grade.

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