The male equivalent to the the female hormone 'bitch factor'. Researchers of both the married wife and ex-girlfriend communities foresee i.chromosome to be the main, overwhelming assurance that the fate of the earth will someday be under total, female control. i.chromosome, they believe, lies dormant within the male psyche until there is a stressful exposure to certain social situations. A combination of fear, survival instinct, and desperation can trigger a chemical reaction, resulting in a complete breakdown of common sense and all thought-making abilities. Documented nation-wide reports of i.chromosome induced mental failures are:

a)A 22 yr. old caucasion man is driving to his girlfriend's house in Chicago, Illinois. While pulling into her driveway, he realizes that the beautiful dinner waiting for him inside and the silver watch given to him earlier that day is in celebration for their three year anniversary. In a last-ditch attempt to conceal his failed recollection of this, he will now frantically root through his glove compartment, searching for like-new items to wrap up in crumpled looseleaf he has found under the passenger-seat. These pathetic attempts at well thought out tokens of his love will be presented later that evening to his horrified, screaming, now ex-girlfriend.

b)A 42 yr. old married man of twelve years resides in Tampa, Florida. His wife, home early from a P.T.A. meeting, walks into the basement of their house to see him clad only in a large, adult-sized diaper. Directly behind his bruised, kneeling body stands a naked female prostitute currently whipping him about the back and thigh regions. The husband, upon noticing in the corner of his eye a dilated-pupil, screaming-bloodlust wife, will now attempt to disarm and apprahend the naked, armed-assailant who is obviously trying to rob him and the house. As the husband digs his knee into the laid-out frightened and confused hooker's back, he tells his now ex-wife that it sure was a good thing she got home early. Now she can call the cops while he ties up the would-be house robber.

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