The Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project or ICBEMP was set up in response to then President Clinton's 1993 directive to "develop a scientifically sound and ecosystem-based strategy for management of eastside forests." This project will determine how the ecosystems of this region are cared for, or not.

The project was taken up by a joint task force from both the US Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management or BLM.

The first Environmental Impact Studies, or EIS,were released in June of 1997. Something over 83,000 public comments came in response itin the 335 day comment period that was alloted.

Using the public respones and other sources the task force then came out with a Supplemental Draft EIS or SDEIS in March. The project is now releasing a Final EISwhich kicks off another round of public comment taking called the "protest process" ,this begins on December 15 and ends January 16, 2001.

Once the protests are replied to and compiled a last round of reivew happens. At that time a ROD is relased which will be the final final project plan.

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