In the TV series Farscape, hezmana is an expletive roughly equivalent to our Earthbound word Hell.

One might exclaim, upon being surprised by the actions of another being, "What in the hezmana are you doing?"

Hezmana is just one of myriad alien swear words or profanities which can be encountered in print or film dealing with alien cultures. The word comes from the Luxan language and is introduced in the premier episode of Farscape.

The TV series Farscape is an American sci-fi production of The Jim Henson Company and aired on The Sci-Fi Channel. It is the story of a 20th Century astronaut (John Crichton) who, due to a mishap during a space mission, finds himself transported across the universe into the middle of an alien war zone. The astronaut, of course, seeks to return to Earth and toward that end finds himself in conflicts of various sorts.

There is an excellent selection of alien swear words contained, oddly enough, in the E2 write up entitled swear words from science fiction penned by Segnbora-t.


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