For the would-be stoners who have an aversion to smoking, here is a recipe that will enable one to get to grips with the ganja without choking oneself on the unnecessary smoke along the way.

1. Prepare a teaspoon with enough hash on it to make a decent j.

2.Place enough cooking oil to just cover the hash (do not add too much oil or it will alter the flavour of the yogurt)

3. Heat the spoon with some sort of flame as for example, the one usefully obtanined with a lighter; proceed to heat until the oil assumes a darkish colour through the dispersion of the hash in the oil.

4. Let the mixture rest a little so as to cool and not curdle the yogurt. Have a yogurt carton ready and opened.

5. When sufficiently cooled, dip the spoon and its concotion into the yogurt, and stir.

6. Leave five minutes, then eat the enhanced yogurt.

And there you have it, a mj trip in a carton. Enjoy!

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