adv. climbing slang. aka yo-yo'ing

Used mainly in sport climbing, the route is ascended by falling off repeatedly and hanging from successive bolts as progress is made (or not made) up the route so the climber moves up and down like a yo-yo.

This isn't a style to be very proud of as the generally accepted aim of climbing to is to climb a route without falling or resting on the protection but on the other hand it can be a good way to practise a hard route before making a red point ascent.

The other thing to note about this style of ascent is rock quality and the condition of the bolts. To hang dog in places like sea cliffs where bolt degradation can be rapid due to corrosion or where bolt strength is low due to the quality of the rock being not good e.g ignimbrite may be to risk your life. In other words, know that what you are about to fall on is strong enough to hold multiple or large falls otherwise you may find yourself taking a grounder at a sport crag.

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