A rather interesting story--that went national when aired on the Jay Leno show.

Back in December, the fire department of my hometown, Myrtle Beach, SC, had a benefit auction at a local nightclub called Revolutions. They were auctioning off hams to buy new fire trucks. As things would have it, everything got out of hand and rather busty women ended up on stage topless, rubbing their breasts with the hams for auction. People were bidding fairly large sums of money for these hams, depending on the size of the breast that the ham had rubbed.

I either live a very sheltered life or the local media refused to draw much attention to this. Imagine my horror, when I was watching the Jay Leno show one evening. I'm drinking a carbonated beverage, resting contently in my chair and suddenly I'm hearing about women, not even a mile from my house, rubbing their breasts with ham... on national television!

"Ham rubbing, I've never heard of that. Must be a thing in the south." - Jay Leno

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