The guayabera is quite possibly the greatest innovation in clothing since the invention of pants. The guayabera is a shirt with four pockets and embroidery (more common), two pockets at the bottom and embroidery (less common), or no pockets and some cool embroidery (very rare). The guayabera all began in the fields of Mexico, when the workers realized that having 2 hands was just not enough to carry all the tools they needed. They began to sew large pocket onto their workshirt that they used to carry things. About the same time, a Spanish landlord began to wear shirts with delicate embroidery down the front of a linen shirt, a style borrowed from the Chinese. The Mexican workers saw this and admired it greatly. They then incorporated the embroidery into their work shirt style and created the guayabera. The guayabera is usually worn by old Cuban grandpas now, but I have noticed a lot of younger people have taken to wearing them. I think they are keen. They are very comfortable, stylish, and they come in a decent shoulder/ neck size, which is good, since I have a large shoulder/neck. I own many guayaberas, and I think you should too. NOTE: also called a guayavera in some places.

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