A gravel vacuum is a tool used to clean an aquarium’s gravel of bits of waste and leftover fish food. It consists of a large, clear, plastic cylinder connected to a smaller, clear flexible hose. The whole device is used to siphon water and waste out of the aquarium. After filling the entire device with water; the large end is pushed into the gravel and the small end is placed in a receptacle to remove the wastewater. The siphon effect pulls the gravel up partially but not enough to go into the small tube, the lighter weight waste products move on up and out the smaller tube. When the large end is lifted in order to move to another spot in need of cleaning, the now cleaner gravel falls back to the floor of the aquarium or the under gravel filter. The process of moving the gravel vacuum to new areas continues until the amount of water needed for a partial water change is removed.

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