I've seen enough nodes on here, and comments elsewhere, that suggest that any time the government intervenes in something that the only possible outcome is to screw it up, that I can't just be quiet about it anymore.

It's not like America, or many other countries for that matter, are dictatorships and aristocracies where the government always looks after the interests of a few with little to no regard for the populace. (though it could be argued that America is becoming an aristocracy, but that's due to people voluntarily electing them and letting them take things for themselves, but that's another topic) The government is PART of the populace, and ideally doing the will of the people.

There isn't some magical contamination that automatically infects something the second the government has anything to do with it. There's no reason that something that would be great if a corporation did it becomes horrible if the government does it. And I'd think there are things that only the government could do right, since they wouldn't be always trying to play the profit angle. (Assuming people learn to stop electing greedy politicians out for themselves, which is a big assumption)

Regardless, I think people should stop using the term "government intervention" as if that's all that's needed to be said. If you think they'll screw it up, explain why, and remember that not everyone sees the government as the great evil and hopes for it's total demise.

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