In modern investing jargon, "gold bug" is a somewhat pejorative term used to refer to investors who are extremely bullish on buying and owning gold as an investment (typically their only investment). These investors tend to show up on websites and blogs related to investing and, no matter what the topic at hand, post comments about how gold would be a much better investment. They also tend to be doomsayers and raging Paulites who think the Fed is the greatest evil ever visited upon the world and that nothing could be better for mankind than a return to the gloriousness that was the gold standard. Gold bugs are made all the more annoying by the fact that gold has been on a tremendous bull run for the past ten years. But god help you if you say that gold might be approaching bubble-like conditions in any public forum, as the gold bugs will swarm like army ants to a dying beetle and crash your webservers with their 10-page comments.

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