It's a bit like going to bed with an alien. Sex might be good but you don't know what the fucking consequences are going to be.

I say this to a friend of mine, about another physician. That I would not rent space from him.

I like him, but I don't understand him. He talks about the brain. As soon as he starts talking he loses me.... really. In spite of me being a family practice doctor of 31 years now, board certified, board eligible, etc, etc. He veers off into... I don't know. Outer space.

I hear a rumor he has bought a building. Three people. Him (MD), a naturopath and I don't know who else. I looked at the building, but I didn't have 3/4 million and anyhow, I am now disabled from family medicine. Pneumonia is like drowning, slowly. Except sometimes it's very fast, sigh.

He treats addiction too. Once we are discussing addiction and I say, "I think of addiction as the person losing their boundaries against the drug. The drug then lies to the person and the person lies to him or herself. And they lie to me."

He shakes his head. "No. No." he says, "They don't lie."

I swear, my inner child of an alcoholic wanted to jump across the table and rip his head off right then and there. "Down." I tell her. "He obviously didn't grow up in an addiction household." "I want to kill him NOW. YES THEY DO FUCKING LIE!!!" "I know, I know and I agree with you. We don't want blood on the carpet." "Ok." sullenly.

I completely tuned out of whatever he said about addiction folks not lying. I was too busy trying to calm that inner child, who was really really upset. What the fuck ever dude, I think you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

I say to a patient once that I can't follow him at all, and that since as a physician I am supposed to know something about the brain, I find it annoying.

She gets a funny look on her face. "I can't follow him either." she says. "I just nod until he gives me the prescription."

Yeah and then I wonder... how many of MY patients nod until I give them the prescription? Fucking soapboxes. Ah, well.

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