A sister site to the hateful godhatesfags.com. Started shortly after 9/11, Fred Phelps, minister at the Westboro Baptist Church, uses the site to spread the same views about America as he does about gays and lesbians. Basically, Fred believes that all of America (except, of course, for his followers) is damned to Hell for being a bunch of "fag-enablers". What exactly is a fag-enabler, you may ask? Basically, if you're not for the execution of gay people just because they are gay, then you're a fag-enabler. In Fred's twisted, Biblical Reconstructionist view of Christianity, being a fag-enabler is just as bad as being gay, so you will be put to death.

Phelps' second brainchild came into emergence on 9/11. Fred and his band of followers marched around Topeka, KS on that day, carrying signs that said things like "FDNY IN HELL" or "IDOL WORSHIP (with an image of the American flag)". Luckily, almost everyone regards Fred as a loony, but that does not change the fact that he is an evil, evil man.

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