There are two basic ways to spell the g-word for a divinity in English: God with a big G or god with a little g. The word follows most of the same capitalization rules as other English words, but these are not in common use and may need reminding. The general rules for 'god with a little g' are as follows:

  • Used when referring to gods generically: e.g. "All the gods of Olympus".
  • Used when referring to an anonymous god, or one with a different name than "God" in current use: "The god Thor is angry."
  • Used when referring to the office of godhood: "He always wanted to be a god." (cf. "He always wanted to be a king.")

It is fashionable among atheists and non-Christians to use 'god with a little g' in reference to the Christian God, probably as a sign of disbelief, but this is not always typographically proper, except when used obliquely. (See also God with a big G.)

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