Track 5 from Conduit 4's This Side of Up. Noded with permission.

Insecurities are loud
So you're looking for a crowd
But as long as they look good it doesn't matter who
Why is it I've found
All you do revolves around
Being seen with other people who look perfect just like you

So disappointed
How your thoughts disjointed
Do we even have a clue

Why is our heart just in our eyes
Don't you with we'd all go blind
So we'd see what's down inside

Nothing wrong with looking good
But I don't think it should
Interfere with things that matter which are down inside
Everybody thinks you're bad
But the thing I think is sad
Is there's nobody you know in whom you really can confide

When facades have faded
When you're old and jaded
You'll wish you had a place to hide

Why is the only thing we want
Just a perfect looking front
Don't you wish we'd all go blind

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