Gigacoaster is a term coined to describe a roller coaster exceeding 300 feet in height, usually designed by Intamin. Unlike the term hypercoaster, gigacoasters may have inversions or other elements that may make them more individualized. At current, gigacoaster is a relatively new term first coined in relation to the construction of Millennium Force at Cedar Point. Being a new term it will likely go through a number of evolutions and redefining as most roller coaster terms do. The other problem with the term is whether some rides are even roller coasters at all. The biggest debate so far was over Superman The Escape. The current state of the term does not include Superman The Escape or rides similar to that. This is not to say they are not roller coasters but that they are not gigacoasters. The next couple years seem to have many gigacoasters in the works for construction but only time will tell. The following is a list, as short as it may be, of current gigacoasters.

  • Millennium ForceCedar Point – 310’ tall, 93mph max speed
  • Steel Dragon – Nagashima Spa Land – 318’ tall, 95mph max speed

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