I'm not sure that calling someone a geek girl (or some variant thereof) amounts to feminism. It can also be quite sexist in the context that certain boys tend to assume that computer knowledge is the only knowledge qualifying one for true geekdom.

So a geek girl, the way it's thrown around here, is one who likes computers for more than just E2 and email.

Many male noders have noted that said girls are hotties, and of course, many of them are. I'm not out to dis any of the smarter Everything chicks (obviously, some of the meaner noders will take care of it for me...glare).

I digress.

I like geeky things like teenage exploitation movies and singalongs and Edgar Lee Masters, but I wouldn't, under these criteria, qualify.

Waaaaah! I'm a failure at geekdom! Is there nothing left for me?

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