Any number of a group of dance styles that originated in the funk era during the 70's and 80's. Pioneers of funk styles include Don Campbell and The Lockers and, later, Boogaloo Sam and The Electric Boogaloos. Funk styles should not be confused with breakdancing; the two street dancing styles have completely different origins.

Here is a brief list of funk styles with inadequate descriptions:

  • robot/botting: Stiff, jerky, robot-like movement.
  • (Campbel)locking: A fairly specific set of moves described as looking like a collapsing toy figurine.
  • boogaloo: Fluid movements involving the whole body.
  • hitting: Same as popping only more exaggerated.
  • popping: Tensing muscles to the beat.
  • strobing: Popping that gives the illusion of a strobe light.
  • strutting: "Like pausing and unpausing as you walk." (2)
  • ticking: Similar to strobing but you hit on every beat.
  • tracing: Passing a wave through your the body using the hands.
  • tutting: Moves involving hands at 90° angles.
  • waving: Giving the illusion of a wave traveling throught the body.


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