Back a while ago, when I was an innocent young noder, jessicapierce said something about finances being interesting. I went to her website and bought some stickers and some bunnies. I saved most of the bunnies for gifts, but one is mine.

My bunny is 6 inches tall, soft black fleeced material, and has a frown. One blue button eye and one yellow button eye, asymetrically placed and the blue button is bigger. "fuck" is embroidered on the bunny's chest. The bunny looks upset and worried. The bunny is a great comfort to hold and pat when things are feeling a bit rough.

With recent increased stresses, I took my fuckbunny off the vanity table and moved it to my bed. During the day, it sits on the pale sage quilt beside my 30 year old zafu. At night I sometimes clutch it while I fall asleep. Or when I wake up.

Thank you, jessicapierce, it's a great comfort.

I'm sleeping with my fuckbunny.

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