Freestyling is a skateboarding trick which is a combination of Kaspers, Primos, spins and manuals. Rodney Mullen is prone to bursts of freestyling and so is Kareem Campbell. As you can imagine, it requires alot of patience, practice and perseverance.

Obviously you are going to need to know how to Kasper, Primo and manual. If you are attempting this trick you should be able to do all of the Kaspers, and both manuals. Start off by getting into a regular Kasper, you are going to need to know how to stall. This can be done in any order, but the following are tricks involved in freestyling (all done on the spot):

  • Spinning: Simply rotate your body, whether it be in a Kasper position or a manual position. This cannot be done in a Primo position.
  • Kasper to Primo: This requires alot of fancy footwork. Start lowering the board close to the ground, but before the nose (or tail if you are in a Nose Kasper position) hits the ground tip the board over into the Primo position, lift your back foot (front for Nose Kasper) and put your front foot (back for Nose Kasper) onto the wheel/deck position. Get the other foot on as soon as you can.
  • Primo to Kasper: This one's a bit easier than the vice versa. You need to be able to balance on one foot (depending whether you want to do a Nose Kasper or just a normal one). Put the appropriate foot on the griptape in the Kasper position and simply flick the board over with the other foot. The first foot is already in position, and the other is very close to the nose/tail, so it is quite easy to get into this position.
  • Kasper to Manual: This is fairly easy. All you must do is jump a bit and flip the board, completing the kickflip, and catch it with one foot on the nose or tail, depending which manual you want to do. The only hard thing is balancing it.
  • Manual to Kasper: This is alot harder than the vice versa, as you cannot ollie for this one. You need to get you front (or back for nose manual) foot and put it on the underside. You will start tipping back/forward, so jump, and with that foot flick the board over, and then catch it in the Kasper position.
  • Primo to Manual: Rather simple this one. You should know how to dismount from a Primo stall, so do that, then simply catch it on the nose or tail.
  • Manual to Primo: This ones almost the same as Manual to Kasper, but instead of letting it to a half flip and catching it in the Kasper position, only let it to a quarter flip and catch it in the Primo position.

If you can pull off all of these, you are on your way to true greatness. Keep ripping it up!
Note: This is best done on smooth concrete as when spinning in the Kasper position smooth concrete grinds away at your board far less.

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