This swindle shows such breath taking gall that I almost think they deserve any money they actually get. Some might say that people who send money here deserve to keep their money less than deserves to have it, but if swindling is to be illegal the law should be applied impartially.

In the back of the November 2001 edition of Popular Science I found an advertisement which I thought couldn't possibly mean what it seemed to mean, so I went to the website at

It does. For five dollars you can register. When 1.6 million households have registered, they will install free devices that will supply all your power needs at no cost, with extra energy to sell back to your local electric company. The website explains that the reason they don't install Hummingbird/Sundance generators immediately for free whenever anyone wants one is because they expect serious opposition from the oil companies, and want a power base of people with generators motivated to fight them.

If you're in the slightest bit skeptical, fear not. For only ten dollars you can buy a video that explains everything.

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