My nodeshell rescue of the day.

I had a friend who was an apparent cooking fanatic, as much as I was a computer fanatic. I met him when I had a job in high school working as a dishwasher in a high-end restaurant. He was hired two weeks later as a cook's assistant. A cook's assistant is the guy who does the boring stuff like stirring the big pot 'o crap and whisking 10 gallons of cream into whipped cream.

Well, since we were new and stuck in the kitchen, we became friends. He would occasionally 'screw up' something so we'd have a decent lunch or dinner.

I noticed he would watch the chef closely whenever he was cooking something special. Occasionally I saw him go to where his coat was and write stuff down on a little memo pad. I thought this was odd, but I figured he was going to cook things for his girlfriend.

After about 4 weeks, he quit. Before he left, he gave me the address of a restaurant across town and told me to stop by. I ended up doing so a while later, after I had also quit the dishwashing job and moved up to pizza chef.

It turns out he was the son of my old restaurant's main rival. He was sent undercover to find some of the recipes used in special dishes. Basically, he was a food hacker... snooping behind kitchen walls instead of firewalls.

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