the flicker/mode metanode

flicker is a short story that is working its way towards being a novella. I felt it would make a perfect nodal novel, so here we go. I'll post bits of it slowly (hey, noding is hard work, man!) and hope folks enjoy it.

About flicker

Flicker is...something, what, precisely, I'm not sure. It arose by bootstrapping itself out of my muddled, desperate attempts to break a writer's block by sitting in front of a blinking cursor, and most of it (Downloads 1-4) happened all at once. More came later; not nearly enough of it for my tastes, but more nonetheless. My problem, see, is that I write (when I can) by simply chronicling what the people in my head go out and do; it's much more observational than positive. Recently, possibly helped by the happy, those folks haven't really felt like doing much, and there hasn't been anything for me to report. Slowly, rustily, creaking with disuse, the patterns of force and light that animate them are returning. At least, I hope like hell they are. Here are their stories.

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