Pharmacologic class

fibric acid derivative (fibrate)
Brand Names
Tricor, Lipidil, Lipidil Micro
In conjunction with diet and exercise to treat hypercholesterolemia or mixed lipidemia, and to treat hypertriglyceridemia, high levels of very low density lipoproteins (VLDLs).
Lowers serum triglycerides by reducing the hepatic secretion of VLDL and stimulating lipoprotein lipase activity to clear triglyceride-enriched lipoproteins. Fibrates also elevate high density lipoprotein (HDL) by directly stimulating the synthesis of HDL apolipoproteinsand by increasing the transfer of surface componenants along with decreased cholesterol transfer from HDL to VLDL. In addition, reduced VLDL lowers the inhibition of apolipoprotein synthesis.
Liver disease, biliary cirrhosis, kidney disease, gallbladder disease or preexisting gallstones, hypothyroidism, diabetes, pregnancy (Category C), nursing mothers.
Fenofibrate should be taken with a full glass of water and is most effective when taken with food for proper absorbtion.
Avoid taking with cholestyramine or colestipol. Fibrates have been associated with myopathy, which is more pronounced when taken with a statin such as lovastatin, simvastatin, pravastatin, fluvastatin, atorvastatin, or cerovastatin. They also interfe with the metabolism of anticoagulants such as wafarin. Fenofibrate increases the clearance of cyclosporine, which can episodes of acute rejection in transplant patients. Alcohol should be avoided or used in moderation while taking fibrates, as it can raise triglyceride levels and damage the liver while taking the medication.
Adverse Reactions
Allergic reaction, severe stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, muscle aches, fever, joint pain, indigestion, bloating, flatulence, rash.
Additional Information
Fenofibrate is most effective when combined with an exercise and diet plan recommended by a physician. Regular blood tests should be done to monitor the treatment's effectiveness and the patient's liver function.
Date of most recent Update
9 October 2002
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