According to the Kabalarian website (, if your name is Farkleberry, you have an aptitude for science and engineering, and are able to think logically. You enjoy working systematically, and may have difficulty making decisions or saying "No". Your name is not conducive to good health, and you are especially vulnerable to intestinal problems.

Oh, were you expecting some actual information about farkleberries?

Very well, then. If you insist....

The Nobel Foundation Plant Image Gallery describes the farkleberry (Vaccinium arboreum) as a large shrub or small tree (20 feet tall) that grows in dry, mountainous regions. The fruits are shiny and black, and may be eaten by humans.

I first saw the word "farkleberry" at Bruegger's Bagels, where they sell a white teddy bear with purple ears, called the Farkleberry Bear.

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