Mock. Mock mock. Mockity mock mock.

Fandom_wank, as the name suggests, is an online community dedicated to pointing and laughing at wank in fandom. What, you may ask, is wank?

In short: Melodrama, and the drama queens that go with it. Subcategories include pretentiousness, flame wars, people overreacting to trolls, people faking their deaths or hideous diseases to gain sympathy, bickering, infighting, flagrant violations of Godwin's Law, and the like.

F_W got its start on LiveJournal, where it flourished for a few years until it got ToS'ed, apparently for existing only to mock other users. Following that was a brief but furious bout of drama where the comm returned under a different name and was banned again, then yet another and was banned within minutes. At that point it moved to Blurty, where again it enjoyed a few years of fun before being ToSed.

The current incarnation of fandom_wank exists on JournalFen, a LiveJournal clone that exists, as far as anyone can tell, pretty much for the purpose of hosting f_w and its various auxiliaries. Safe to say it's not going to get booted off any time soon, and its denizens can snark in (relative) peace.

Abovementioned auxiliaries include:

Frequent topics of wank: the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fandoms, Mary Sues, furries, gay rights, icon theft, trolls, angsty goth kiddies, vegans, shipper wars, slash/yaoi, fansubbing, etc, etc, etc. Every fandom gets its turn, but those pop up the most frequently.

Fandom_wank specializes, not only in mockery and snark, but in in-jokes, quickly branching off into off-topic conversations, and eating their own. You must be over 18 to sign up at JournalFen, and the site works off codes, but it's well worth stopping by to look at for an occasional laugh.


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