do you mind if i crash on yr stained glass couch for, like, ever?
i would not mind. that is why I built it.

i'm hearing entirely different parts of songs tonight. like they were speaking to me specifically.

what did they say?

i'm not entirely sure. like they were part of a dream i was being all awake through. i want a slow low hum to rock me to sleep. tell me your dream.

i am pretty sure it starts with a fire escape.

tell me about the fire escapes.

well they clang
and they're good to sit on in the cold
& the bars burn cold strips in yr asses.
good to drop things off of.
things you dont want, or things in yr back pocket that then you say FUCK


a pumpkin
a durian?
moral boundries.
a pitchfork.
change, to see it jump
your keys
hold one sneaker on yr toe & dangle it balanced till you lose it
firecrackers, to see passersby jump.
the five percent nation of lumps in my oatmeal.
all the things that were bothering you.
your middle name


couldnt quite escape it. then I put a mistletoe hat on you and take you to the airport on new year's eve.   how is that.   for a dream.

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